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Welcome to Our Parish

Dear Friend(s) in Christ:

On behalf of the priests, staff, ministers, and people of St. John Neumann, I welcome you to the St. John Neumann Parish Community. We are happy that you have joined us on our web site to worship the Lord, to share your faith with us and witness to the life and way of Jesus Christ, our Savior among us.

As you may have noticed from our mission, our activities, and our "Spirit", we place a lot of emphasis on discipleship—the imitation and love of Jesus Christ. And as commanded by Jesus himself, we emphasize the apostolate of the laity—where we train lay people to minister to others in our community. As we provide the best possible parish community for you and your family, we ask you to take to heart the words of Mother Teresa, "Your silence will lead to prayer; your prayer will lead to love; your love will lead to service; your service will lead to peace." It is so much better to give than to receive.

We hope that your joining with us will result in a generous commitment to our Church. May your stay here reach out to God and to others. We are blessed with your presence as a true believer in Jesus’ way! We need you and welcome you and reach out to you in joy.

Msgr. Donald Romito