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The Mosaic

The large mosaic in the sanctuary is the work of the noted artist sisters-- the Piczeks--who have done similar work in Holy Cross cemetery in Los Angeles and churches in Las Vegas, Torrance, Cathedral Parish in Orange and elsewhere.

The imaginary 6 foot priest at the altar is re-created as the 12 foot Christ crucified and the 18 foot resurrected Christ emerging from a chrysalis. As disciples of St. John Neumann, the Redemptorist Bishop of Philadelphia, we are reminded that our growth as Christians and as a community of believers depends on our unity with the suffering Christ. Note the golden chalice in the middle of mosaic gathering the blood of Christ. "We will drink of the chalice of the Lord" it says--the one Jesus drank! The cross's shadow which lies diagonally across the bottom of the mosaic is green--we are full of hope in his resurrection. All will be well.

The two swatches of brown which orient the sides of the mosaic are reminders of the two mass rocks that remain in Fr.Conlon's family farm-field in central Ireland. For several hundred years mass was forbidden and would only be stealthily celebrated on the tops of rocks --lopped at the top to form little tables. Hidden in the woods and hedges, mass continued. Pictures of these two rocks adorn the pastor's study to remind him of our Eucharistic sacrifice and the faith of our fathers.